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Barefoot Bloggers: Chicken Piccata

Ingredients for Chicken Piccata
Ingredients for Chicken Piccata

I’m sending a big thank you to Lindsey of Noodle Nights and Muffin Mornings for spot-lighting Chicken Piccata  as a Barefoot Bloggers March recipe.  Never in a million years would I have tried this recipe on my own … I like all the ingredients … but have passed it over time and time again.   Now maybe if it had been called something a bit more understandable like … lets say … “Lemon Chicken”,  I might have been more receptive early on.

piccata defination
pic·cata (pi kätə, pē-)

designating a dish consisting of a thin, breaded and sautéed slice of veal, chicken, etc. with a sauce of lemon, white wine, and butter veal piccata, chicken piccata

I believe the word “piccata” may have been holding me back!
But no more …

Chicken Piccata ... ready to serve

Chicken Piccata ... ready to serve.

 I am convinced this would be an ideal main course when entertaining a larger crowd.  The chicken could be prepared and held in the oven until it was time to make the sauce.  It would certainly allow me to spend more time with my guests just prior to dinner, rather than being so consumed with a much more complicated menu choice.  It plates up beautifully and just screams “I’ve been in the kitchen all day preparing this just for you”.

It looks like you spent all day in the kitchen.

It looks like you spent all day in the kitchen.

In the spirit of sharing with friends, like Ina often does, I chose to take a serving to a friend and get her opinion on my first Barefoot Bloggers cooking adventure.   OK … it was actually my Mother whose taste buds I enlisted … but she promised to be totally unbiased and completely honest.   Because she was not hungry at the time I delivered it, I was forced to wait 24 hours for her official comments!

Just one more look!

Just one more look!

Mom says, “It was delicious on the second day … even after having been reheated”.

… and as we all know … Mom’s never fib.


7 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for participating this round! I too, had been passing over this recipe for quite a while and finally decided “enough was enough.” I agree that this would be a great meal to serve at a dinner party. Yours looks delicious!

  2. Glad your mom liked it! Thanks for the history on the word Picatta… I had no idea!

    ~Delta Whiskey (Cat)

  3. I actually did serve it to company – Had dinner on the table in one hour – as opposed to a half day sweating in the kitchen and then being exhausted. Its a keeper. Glad you have joined the group.

  4. Your presentation is beautiful! I have to agree with your mom, it was very good reheated on day 2. I put it in a wrap with some butternut squash and holy yum!

  5. Oh boy does that look good!

  6. This is one of my favorite ways to prepare chicken. I’m glad you gave it a chance! If you like capers, throw some in next time – they are great in it.

  7. Your lighting is so pretty.

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