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I Heart Cooking Clubs: Nigella’s Hasselback Potatoes

Nigella's Hasselback Potatoes

This Week’s Challenge:

You know the old saying… So, break out the dip! Dig out those saucers and mini-plates that you don’t use often enough. And maybe even try something new…something you toyed with tasting, but didn’t want to eat it all yourself. Call them what you will…tapas, mezze, pupus (I especially like this one), hors-d’oeuvre, smorrebrod, zakouski, canapé, appetizer…what SMALL PLATES will you dazzle with this week?

So I chose Hasselback Potatoes !!!! 

I used small to medium Klondike Goldust (yellow flesh) potatoes.

Tip for easy slicing of potatoes: Take a thin slice from the bottom of each potato so they will sit flat on your cutting board. This makes the slicing of the layers much easier and safer. Place a chopstick on each side of the potato and with a very sharp thin bladed knife, carefully make slices into the potato about 1/8 inch apart. The chopsticks will not allow you to slice all the way to the bottom!

The olive oil and butter has been heated to sizzling in the baking dish and the potatoes have been coated with this mixture. Each potato received a sprinkling of coarse salt.

Each potato is about 4 to 5 bites! I served with a parsley-sour cream.

8 Responses

  1. Wonderful! I have always wanted to make these. Thanks so much for the great tips too!!

  2. I am so glad you chose these, they look great!! They are already on my menu for this week.

  3. Super good looking and flavour too am sure-oh bookmarked for sure..

  4. Oh wow, these looks fabulous! I want to devour a couple for breakfast!! 🙂

  5. I keep meaning to try these–they look so delicious!

  6. I love these potatoes! They look great!

  7. I have done these a couple of times and they are delicious. Yours look beautiful.

    What made me stop to comment was your knife. Is it a Wustof Ikon? I just used a Christmas gift certificate to buy one. That knife inspired lots of recent cooking. Actually pulled me out of a cooking slump.

    • Good eye … yes the knife is a 17 cm Wusthof. I am very lucky to also have 14cm knife and a 9 cm paring knife. I can cetainly understand what you mean by inspiring you to cook. My new Le Creuset cookware has the same effect on me!

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