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My “gotta try it someday” list

I was inspired by Megan of My Baking Adventures to actually document and track my “gotta try it someday” list.   It is sure to be an ever evolving … never ending … work in progress ….

In no particular order:

1.)  Home made, hand rolled pasta 03-21-09   Daring Bakers Lasagne Challenge
2.)  Puff pastry dough
3.)  Croissants
4.)  Brioche
5.)  Caramel candies
I have acquired the secret recipe I was longing for … now have to get them
6.)  Gelato
Key Lime Pie … the real deal
I believe I found a “real deal”  recipe by Nora Ephron.  See my “You Want
Pies With That” post on 06-09-09.
8.)  Hand dipped chocolate truffles
9.)  Conquer my fear of recipes with whipped egg whites!
First attempted in Feb … marginal success … shall remain on the list
10.)  Hand rolled sushi
11.)  Pot Stickers
12.)  Make something really tasty with “capers” in it  … any suggestions?
13.)  Bake more cheesecakes from my Junior’s Cheesecake book
Carrot Cake Cheesecake  4-27    Daring Bakers Challenge
14.)  Bake a Spanish Bar Cake like used to be sold at  A&P … a childhood memory!
15.)  Gonna buy a Weber and cook like Steven Raichlen on PrimalGrill(dot)org
Bought a Charmglow gas grill and attempting to perfect my outdoor
grilling.  05-23-09
16.)  Danish Kringle   (where can I find a great recipe and detailed directions?)
17.)  Rhubarb – find just the right recipe to use it in
(found a rhubarb-cherry pie
recipe I am going to make)
18.)  Irish Soda Bread – saw and tasted it at Whole Foods & said “I can make this”
19.)  Risotto
20.)  Pretzels   completed 01-31-10 and posted 02-01-10

21.) Bakerella cupcake “pops”
22.) Potato Samosas —
23.)  Indian Cuisine –  Learn more and cook more!
started with Mughlai Biryani … 05-25-09 … Taste&Create
24.)  Heaven and Hell Cake by Chef Stephan Pyle
25.)  Hand Pies   inspired by  Mary at Alpineberry
26.)  Tikka Masala inspired by   The Merlin Menu (and Naan too!)
27.)   Carnitas inspired by   An Alaskan Cook’s Exploration of Food and Technique

7 Responses

  1. I have been wanting to try making these pretzels since I watched this episode of Bobby Flay’s Throwdown. I just haven’t done it yet !
    Soft Pretzels with Queso Poblano Sauce and Mustard Sauce


  2. Here’s a recipe to try for your “cook with capers” item above.

    I didn’t include capers, but it usually does, Try it if you


  3. We have some similar goals–maybe we can bake something together.

  4. WOW!
    The recipes and also the future recipes look really good. I am going to have to try some of them. Grandma S. would be excited and proud of your culinary skills and the blog!

  5. I have always wanted to make those hand pies over at alpineberry too! I guess you could say they’re on my list as well. If and when you make them, I can’t wait to see them=)

  6. Oh, I want to make one just like this too. Actually I have one in my head. Great idea to write them down. Thanks!!!!

  7. I have been looking for a great Danish kringle recipe too! I got addicted to them while working in Boston, but even though I went to the farmers’ market every day it was open to get some they wouldn’t give me the recipe!

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